We’re so excited to be changing the lives of BriteLift customers all around the Chicagoland area.

Here’s just some of the lovely things our clients are saying about us…


“I had struggled to find a non-emergency transportation service for my dad that provided door to door service, advanced booking and drivers willing to go the extra mile. Then a family friend recommended BriteLift. Not only does BriteLift meet all these criteria and more, I know that I can trust that my dad will arrive to his destination safely. My mind is at ease when my dad travels with BriteLift.”

-Mr. Jones and Bradley

“BriteLift provides a much-needed service to my mom. She needs reliable, trustworthy, and respectful transportation service. BriteLift provides all this and more! In the past I’ve had two options, I have either driven her and picked her up myself or stayed with her at appointments, events or church visits. BriteLift has allowed her to have reliable transportation as well as a developed sense of trust and ease. It allowed me flexibility in my schedule and more free time to take care of other important things. I know my mom is safe and taken care of with BriteLift. We are so grateful for BriteLift.”

-Mrs. Murphy and Patrick

“An excellent company to work with. We use BriteLift’s services for our clients whenever possible. From the ease of booking, the professionalism of their drivers, timeliness, and willingness to go above and beyond, this company is a true asset to seniors.”

-Senior Living Facility Director

“BriteLift is wonderful!!! The ease with which we booked our trip was quite refreshing. Also, it has been difficult for us to locate reliable wheelchair accessible vans for my husband’s transportation. They were a few minutes early, patient and helpful. The whole experience was just wonderful.”

-Mr. and Mrs. James B.

“This is Nancy…Love our driver. He is so great! On the first appt, I didn’t get there on time (traffic) and he took her into the office. Shame on me! I don’t know his name but I recognized him today and acknowledged how wonderful I think he is..

So happy that we have found you. It’s not easy to find wheelchair accessible transportation…”

-Nancy W

“Thank you. I was very pleased again with BriteLift – from the staff, the prompt, efficient, professional and personable service. Roman was enjoyable to ride with and the van was very comfortable. He easily transferred my wheelchair into his vehicle. I will use the service again and recommend to my friends.”

-Michael K.

“I just want everyone to know how glad I am that BriteLift is in existence. It has made my life so much simpler and so much happier. I cannot thank BriteLift enough.”

-Murleen O.

“This is a new life for us all and has been a huge challenge. Your company has assisted us greatly in making this a bit better for his independence.”