photo of steve, owner at britelift, of abraham, owner at britelift, inc.

From the day they could drive, Steve and Abraham were moving the people of Chicagoland.

Starting out as taxi drivers, they’ve grown into managing fleets of over 1,000 vehicles! They’ve seen the good, the bad and the… strange. Yet, they’re always dreaming up ways of making transportation safer, easier to use, and more reliable.

But Steve and Abraham were shocked…

While working with nursing homes, they discovered a chronic issue. Frankly… there’s a lack of safe transportation for wheelchair users.

That’s when the idea for BriteLift was born.

However, Steve and Abraham wanted BriteLift to be more than just another van with a ramp.

BriteLift gives wheelchair users back their freedom and independence.

This meant some big changes to how wheelchair transportation is delivered…

First, BriteLift provides professional drivers trained to take special care of passengers.

Most transportation providers use contractors to drive their clients. Unfortunately, contractors aren’t trained to provide consistent, high-quality care to wheelchair users and seniors.

Instead, all BriteLift drivers are full-time employees. This includes rigorous training and background checks… so you can trust you’re in safe hands.

The next question was…
How can BriteLift give you more control over your journey?

That’s when they came up with the BriteLift app. A new way for you to reserve and manage your rides from a computer or smartphone.

Steve and Abraham are excited because BriteLift is changing the lives of wheelchair users and seniors all over the Chicagoland area…

However, BriteLift would never have been possible without their dedicated team…


BriteLift’s Friendly Team